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By: Rolf

We all know the power of Americans when they work together and unite under a common cause–well I think that happens. America is a great country that brags about its military and how they are the best it technology and many other aspects. Well…that is really pushing it. In 2007, China overtook Japan and the USA in the transportation industry. Before 2007, USA had “high speed rail” which in truth are trains that go at about 100km/h (62 mph). Sure that is fast, but why is it not faster. China introduced the CRH lines. Trains that travel at a constant 350 km/h. You heard right 350 km/h (220mph). WHAT? How is this possible. The USA has the highest GDP in the world, and they consume the most resources in the world, but they still cannot make a railway that can handle a high-speed train? To be honest with you, I think that the fastest trains that they have are the subways that everyone pours money into over and over again. With 350 million people in the country, there are many people who cannot afford to fly, and there are many people who would rather drive but can’t. So what is the solution? Invest 10 billion into SUSTAINABLE transit. Upgraded high-speed trains (previously made by Bombardier) rules the marketplace for the Eastern World. Fast and convenient, it offers a cheaper solution to mass consumption of liquid fuels, by using a clean source such as nuclear, to power a railway that could move millions for half or even a quarter of the costs that it would usually take. WHY IS EVERYONE LETTING THIS GO ON? Last year, the USA proposed a plan to create a high speed rail from LA to San Fran. Do we see any signs of approval? No. Do we see more thought being given to the matter? No. So why is this going on? Many American companies have proposed to bring high-speed trains into America, but it keeps on getting delayed. That is the problem. It is not like USA and Canada do not have the funding. If we just stop wasting taxpayers money, we could get this over with. We would save around 2-4 billion barrels of oil by spending around 40-80 billion dollars for the stage of setting up the tracks to making the trains, but then we would save trillions in fuel and other costly forms of transportation. I’m not saying that “oh, we have to do this now”. But I am saying that we need to give this more thought, and start spending tax dollars correctly for a change.



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