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By The Opinionaters: Rolf Li and Zakyr Rhemtulla

Remember in the “old days” when America was a REAL economic powerhouse, unlike today where it is try to “be” an economic powerhouse? Remember when the USA had the power to develop anything they wanted and had all the funding in the world to do so? Remember when America lead the world in manufacturing? Well the past is in the past and we are never going back.

In the mid to late 1900’s, Detroit was dubbed “Motor City” by everyone around the world as it housed the world’s largest group of automobile factories. Detroit, along with the oil producing states quickly led the USA to international fame and wealth. GM, Ford, Chrysler all had their headquarters there and they had multiple factories in the region alone. But in the late, late 1900’s, China and Japan started to create their own lines of vehicles and other machines and quickly overtook the market for automobiles. Detroit started to die out. Many people lost their jobs as the major manufactures moved their factories elsewhere to save money and increase productivity. Detroit shrunk by at least 25% as their main source of income moved away. Soon, some smaller industries popped up, but they were never even close to getting Detroit back on track. Detroit is now $18 Billion USD in debt. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? If Detroit has all of the machinery needed to produce more things, how is no money being made? The Senate should pass some laws to state that the only thing that will help Detroit is to put it back to work. Many companies could easily work in the old factories and structure is not bad because of decades of improvement. I think that the US government is really turning a blind eye to this growing problem.

Detroit is home to famed rappers such as Eminem, Proof, and rap group D12. Such personnel as this would hint that Detroit has a colourful population. Right now, a city that is facing bankruptcy should not linger in the past. Eminem’s old home on 8 Mile was being sold for a mere $20,000. Surely Detroit could be bailed out by some of their hometown heroes. Perhaps they could cut an under-the-table deal. Hey, it would only help and not harm the city that is drowning in it’s own deficit. Now let’s go back to the motor side of all this. There is even a hockey side of things. On the Detroit Red Wings logo, it shows a tire with wings on it. I (Zak) have two reasons as to why the wings should be clipped by now. 1. The Red Wings suck. 2. The motor industry here has collapsed (refer to earlier in this article where Rolf explains). Detroit! Get a new logo!

In addition to that, Detroit broke many human rights laws when it cut off water to thousands of citizens. WHY IS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT LETTING THIS HAPPEN? Have decades of “we protect everyone” rattled the brains of the governors? Why is the USA allowing for people to have no water in the middle of the summer? These people have gone crazy. The way to reduce debt is not to cut off water to people. The proper way is to move manufacturing plants to the city. Have better infrastructure to catch the eyes of people and convince them to come to the city. They need to start creating money, not killing people to save a bit of it.



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