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By: Rolf

The sounds of rockets and the sound of air-sirens warn the people of Tel Aviv that they need to get to cover–or face death. That is the scene for the past 4 days, where escalating violence is putting the middle-east on edge and sending people scattering. The conflict was initiated when the militant group Hamas launched rockets into Israel. To their dismay, the Israeli “Iron Dome” rocket defence system stopped the rockets from reaching their destination. Meanwhile, the PM of Israel has declared war on Hamas and started to raid Palestine. By sending jets into the volatile region, Israel bombed many targets, and killed around 100 by day 4 of their attack. Now, Israel is considering to send a ground attack into the Gaza strip. The USA (to my surprise) has remained rather quiet in comparison. They have backed the UN with their objectives, and they “agreed” with the UN that there should be a cease-fire, but what do they actually think. The USA has many things to lose. By not supporting their major middle-east ally, they could be left in the dark in the future and they cannot risk that. They also do not want to have more militant groups after them. In addition to that, they need to show Americans that they will continue to “fight against terror”. What can the USA do? Can they start to send troops to fight the terrorists? Will they attempt to make peace with the two sides? If they are going to do something, THEY ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH. What will be the use of sending soldiers after the battle is done? I think that most likely, the USA will stand down. They don’t need to spend more money when the economy is recovering (why risk to send the country back into recession?). Even if they don’t do anything, they should just play along with the rest of the world. They need to be on guard in case something does happen and they need to impress the world (for real this time) once again. There is no use for them to spend millions and take over another area of the world and “save it” by taking it over and having a presence there for another 10 years. NO ONE wants that.



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