By: Rolf

The sounds of money being leaked is like a sharp pain in the ***. The sound of our taxpayer’s dollars burning in the fires that now consume a large part of the North-West Territories. As the government puts it, it is just another strain on the budget and it is costing us hard. On average in a “fire-season”, we may be spending 1 million dollars a day fighting wild-fires. ONE MILLION A DAY? Is it that costly to put out a fire? In the past, we have always used the conventional way to deal with fires. “Let’s dump water on it and hope it goes away.” NO! I am not an expert in the field of fire-fighting (though I have looked into this), but I understand money, and how it runs away from danger. And NOTHING is MORE DANGEROUS than wasting money on conventional ways of dealing with problems we want to disregard. The way to save our future money is not to waste resources like this and send our money into a battle with money nature the conventional way, but the better way is to control the fire in a new way. Instead of fighting it so head-on, why don’t we support the logging industry a bit? A new idea is to let big companies (with a SMALL injection of money from the government) cut down trees in a strategic manner, so that when fire hits one area, it won’t spread? Sponsored by the government, roughly 10-25 million could be used in the next 5 years to cut down strategic areas to prevent fires. No fires, mean that we (as taxpayers can save BIG and use emergency funds in a better way). Again, I am no expert, but can the government do SOMETHING along the lines of research and development to save people the hassle of evacuating and save OUR MONEY? C’mon premiers, enter the 21st century and CUT OUT THE ACT, CUT SOME SPENDING INSTEAD.

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