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By: Zak

The 2014 World Cup. A one that all should remember. The champions of this tournament were the Germans who beat Argentina (my favorite team) in the finals. Aside from the tears and cheers, I had an amazing time watching these games. I was in downtown Toronto for most of these games, more specifically in Parkdale. For the most of quarters, semis, and the finals I was downtown. I would meet up with my cousin and then we’d head to a local gem called The Rhino. This place had huge screens and food was at good prices so it was the best place to be at. After the games we would go out onto the streets and celebrate if our teams won. My cousin is a Brasil fan and I am an Argentine so we both had tears at this World Cup. A good memory I have is after Brasil beat Columbia 2-1 in the quaterfinals, my cousin kept on celebrating and chanting “Brasil” on the streets of Queen West and Jameson. Meanwhile when I’d see an Argentine fan I’d start yelling and we’d spur up something. Me and my cousin were all decked out in fan gear. Not to brag at all but I wore an argentine jersey, scarf, hat, wristband, and lanyard. My cousin had a scarf and shirt. We were walking the streets of Toronto getting all sorts of different looks from people. Then again it doesn’t matter about what’s on the outside, it’s about the passion inside. My team might’ve lost in the finals this World Cup, but the experience I had will stay with me forever.



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