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By: Bosco

Hello Zakopinion fans, it is me Bosco and I managed to get over the fact that Argentina lost to Germany, but let’s get into real talk.

Right now in Brazil it is pretty dangerous in major cities, due to protests. These protests began when the Brazilian government used their budget on the FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup, FIFA 2014 World Cup, and 2016 Olympics. The protests escalated when Brazil lost the semi-finals when they were facing Germany, due to Neymar unable to play. Protests worsened when Brazil lost the Third Place game to Netherlands. For World Cup news, it said problems would escalate if Argentina won the World Cup due to Brazilian-Argentine Football rivalry. Thank god, Germany did not escalate the protests being severe, but Argentina I knew you tried your best. The 2016 Olympics have caused more problems for Brazil. Banks have been running out of money, goods, services, etc. are very expensive, and the Brazilian government is corrupt at the moment. Logically you shouldn’t be hosting so many games in your home country if you know its over your budget. Really, why should we have world games and this competitive shit, it is a huge waste of money, and most stadiums would not be reused for other projects.



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