Ok. Let’s get real. There is a storm coming and it’s a big one. No, I am not talking about hurricanes or tornados, I am talking about the economy. Things may look bright right now, but let’s look at history. Economic crashes happen once every 80 or so years. Not the kind where the economy shrinks a bit and the markets go down, I am talking about the type where inflation rises exponentially and the dollar crashes and trading ceases. These are the two types. Let’s call these two types C1, and C2 (where C2 is a complete crash). You may say “but we just had an economic crash Rolf, that was just in 2008!”. Yes that is true, but that would fall under C1.

1. HAVE CASH AND PRECIOUS MINERALS AND METALS. I cannot stress this more. Have some cash on hand. During an economic crash, the most valuable thing you need is cash. Don’t have it in the bank, have it IN YOUR HOME. When the dollar crashes and trading ceases, 1 dollar could buy you a full meal for your entire family. Have at least $5,000 IN CASH in your house. Not in your pocket, but in a safe in your house. Let me explain why. When you have money in the bank, you think it is yours. IT IS NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU WITHDRAW IT. When you leave money in the bank, you risk having the bank saying “the government needs it more other things.” In that case, you are screwed. All the cash that you put into the bank is not available to you and your family when you need it. Keep some of it at home, so you don’t lose your life and your money. Another thing that you need is gold and some other materials. If an when there is no more money anywhere, and you have run into some problems that left you cash-less, you may resort to selling your gold. No matter what happens, gold will be of value and it is very VALUABLE. I suggest having $10,000 worth in gold and diamonds.

2. HAVE EMERGENCY RATIONS TO LAST FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS. This may seem very “stupid” to you, but trust me, when the markets have no more food, you will. This is the reason. Let’s say that the crash made importing food a commodity and the price of food soars. You don’t want to spend your money on food during the crash, you need to pay off loans and other necessities of life. Pack canned food and non-perishables to last your family for 3 months. During these 3 months, you don’t have to beg for food or find that the supermarket is empty. You will have enough to eat. Buy food that is high in protein for preservation to save in space and money. Have water in jugs and bottles that will last at least 4 months in case of some sort of accident. When the city cuts off water due to lack of funds, you will be able to drink and eat in peace.

3. GET A WEAPON AND FORM AN ALLIANCE. You and your neighbours just want to stay safe during the crash. Let me tell you something. When the crash hits, people will go to the banks and “withdraw” cash to find out it is not there. They will go hungry (but you should not if you follow my tips). They will do anything to get food and they are mad at the government and mad at you for having food. That is why you need to get armed. Have a pistol with a couple of clips. Have knives to defend yourself with. And the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to have an alliance with the people around you. With your neighbours, set up schedules to stay on guard and barricade the area around your houses. This will build trust, and you won’t have to shoot them with your limited ammunition. You will protect each other from harm and you will save the people around you. Don’t wait for the National Guard or the Army to protect you. America has 350 million people to protect and Canada has 35 million people to protect. They will not get to you.

4. HAVE NO DEBTS AND GET OUT OF THE CITY. If you have debts, then you will sink. The banks will just keep on collecting money from you and they will run you to the ground. They don’t care if you have no money, they OWN YOU. This is why you need to pay off your debts because 1 dollar you pay to the banks is 1 dollar less for food and water and fuel for your family. Now, you will need to save money to pay your property taxes. Trust me, the city will have no problem in kicking you out of your house because you did not pay them. This brings me to my second point: get out of the city. When hundreds of angry people riot, you are not safe. Cities will be a mess, so get out. Save money now and move to a farm. Buy a piece of land and start farming. If it does not provide income, so what? It will PROVIDE YOU WITH FOOD. It will also be safer for you, as other farmers are not hungry either and they probably don’t use banks, so no angry people.

That is it for this time. Next time, I will be explaining another 4 things you NEED to know.

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