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By: Zak and Mark
Mike Duffy is the talk of the country in terms of politics. He has taken a big amount of money for his own personal use. It is what Mike Duffy calls housing allowances. There is more to the story that what you can see.

First, if you remember, the big story was out back in May of 2013. Duffy, got 90,000 dollars from Nigel Wright. Or as Duffy said it, Nigel gave the money to him. It was first seen as his housing allowance. However you can easily tell that it is a fake. He ” lives ” in PEI. Well… Yes, he does have a house in PEI however the neighbours there tell the media that it is just an empty house. His actual house that he lives in is a big place 30 minutes it of downtown Ottawa. Later through an inquiry, the media found out that he got another 25,000 dollars from Nigel. Why and how he got that money, nobody really knows. It’s probably just one of his other ” housing allowances “.

Then, Duffy was suspended on November 5th, 2013 for two years without any pay because of his actions. That, to me (Mark), was a good decision. I mean, we can’t have these kind of things happening. Duffy doesn’t even think before he does anything. The Canadian government is going to invest more money that ever in infrastructure. They will invest about 60 billion dollars in total. Most of the money will be coming from loans. Every dollar counts. If we don’t save now, we won’t be able to pay the money bad and we will get bad credit rating from the banks. Which will serve a major blow to the Canadian economy. In these economical times, every cent counts.

Zak: Right now Mr. Harper has to keep his name up high. Wallin, Brazeau, and Duffy have proven bad for his reputation. At this moment in time the Liberals are becoming quite popular with their young and upcoming leader Justin Trudeau. To put it in my opinion, Trudeau knows nothing. He kicked out his entire caucus and will only support people who support abortion, quite undemocratic. Yet the younger generation of voters are somehow appalled to vote for him. I’ll get back to Harper’s side of things here. The Prime Minister is a veteran politician who actually has brains. He can’t afford to get his name tarnished because of the three senators (who were formerly conservative) that stole money. A couple of months ago I was actually pleased by Thomas Mulcair’s (NDP leader) reaction to this. In the House of Commons and to reporters, he continually slammed Harper’s government. Before the guy never really opened his mouth. He proved to Canadians that he is a fine politician and quite a leader. At this time in Canadian Politics, Stephen Harper has to protect his name. There are lots of world crisis happening and we have an election coming up pretty soon.

Another thing is that Harper can’t have this happening on the financial side of things. He has enough to worry about, with all the financial issues. People like Mike Duffy is making Harper look bad. Good thing that Nigel Wright resigned so he wouldn’t get even more screwed. Mike Duffy has gotten charged on 31 counts which include Breech Of Trust and Fraud charges. Let’s just say that there are both pros and cons to this. The pros side is that justice will be served. The cons side is that Harper and the government is going to have to do something about this, which might mean millions of dollars spent to fill an vacant seat. The Canadian government is going to have to step up their game.