The World Health Organization (run by the United Nations) calls this the largest and most deadliest outbreak of the elusive Ebola virus ever recorded in history. It has killed over 600 people! SERIOUSLY? 600 people and counting? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. Ok, I know that you are going to say “but Rolf, these are third world countries, they can’t control the virus!”. And you know what I am going to say. Yep, you guessed it. “Where is the money that all the governments’ said they would give going? If what we hear is true, that means that there should be more than enough money to secure an area to contain a virus that can’t come in regular contact with humans.” Ok, so what EXACTLY is happening to these poor people that are getting infected and dying. Let me give you some background information on what the Ebola virus actually is. It is a disease that was discovered in 1976 in the depths of the African forests. So how does this virus kill and infect? Well, it is only contagious when you come in contact WITH bodily fluids. The virus kills off your healthy cells and causes sever dehydration. So how has this gotten so bad? Do not blame me for this, but I personally think that preventing a pandemic that could wipe out 60% of the world than spend all of the emergency resources on negotiating talks between two warring countries. Believe me, I want all wars to end and world peace, but when you have a choice between saving 5 BILLION people or 10 million, it’s a no brainer. So what are the international governments doing? The outbreak happened weeks ago and no government has stepped in to contain the outbreak. This is important! When we give money to the government to donate to other countries, we want the money to go places. We do not want to see the governments look aside while a deadly virus kills people silently. Luckily, this time doctors started to say something and this is now an international crisis. European agencies and the USA and Canada are preparing resources to fight the virus and they are finally getting into the countries that are infected and they are finally containing the virus. Finally a GOOD choice by our governments. We are actually pouring money into SOMETHING that is ACTUALLY helpful. Thank you Obama. I guess we just have to see what will happen now since there are soldiers in the countries and officials monitoring travel from infected countries. I personally advise that you do NOT travel to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone as there is no vaccine or drug that will fight the virus. Although if you live in a country like the USA or Canada, the chances that you survive are significantly higher as we can keep people alive until the virus is killed by the body immune system. My thoughts and best wishes to those affected by the virus.

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