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By: Zak

As I sit on a couch at my aunts house in Sudbury whenever I look up, I spot a big wooden ship figurine. At my house I have the same thing. This is perhaps a tradition in my family. Even in many homes I visit, there are big wooden ships. At lots of stores all around town there are big wooden ships. This led my to think “Why do we treasure these big wooden ships?” I’ve come up with my own theory. Perhaps in the olden days after a long voyage, a captain would make or get a figurine of a big wooden ship to remind him/her of the long journey endured on the ship. It could also bring back memories of a good catch which brang lots of money. Or of course it could just be a souvenir or a decoration. The big wooden ship hanging on the wall tells a story of ones vacation or voyage. It brings utter class to the room it is displayed in.

Whatever the case, we still love our big wooden ship figurines.

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