By: Rolf

As you may have heard, Zakopinion has just had its FIRST ANNIVERSARY! This was a very special occasion for us all. I myself, have a very exciting story about my work at Zakopinion and how it impacted my life, and the lives of the people around me.

In May 2014, just after shutting down my old blog, (politicsbuisnessdaily) that is no longer in use today by the way, I was just “chilling out” and not doing anything but continue my studies at my school. I had loved to write in my old blog and I find myself frequently checking out investments and things such as that. During that time, my writing also developed a “slow” period, where I could not write as much as I used to, and I was mad and depressed that I had fallen that low. But then, I heard of this blog called Zakopinion through an author that had just joined Zakopinion. Not knowing what this was, I looked it up online and found an amazing blog that looked like it could be the next BIG THING. I contacted Zakyr immediately and we set up a meeting to discuss my possible employment. On May 23rd, I was hired on a 11-day contract that would have me analyze the website and spot out possible errors and it was a chance for me to get to know the audience. Needless to say, there were not many errors with Zakopinion (I think there were actually none) and I started to write about business and politics. On June 3rd, we renewed my contract and I became a full time author once again. I have to say, the readers were VERY nice and they are VERY SUPPORTIVE. I have never seen such a supportive group of readers. I worked very hard over the next few weeks and by the time July came around, I was vice-president. I have gotten over the hardships that got to me before I joined Zakopinion and I have learned that many good things are to come. Zakopinion is one of the best blogs in the world (in my opinion) and many things are going to come. Thank you everyone for supporting us through thick and thin and through good times and bad times.

We hope to have you onboard for the next few months and years and we will do our best to satisfy all readers who come across this website.

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