I am happy to celebrate zakopinion’s first anniversary, I returned from London, England just in time for the first anniversary. As of zakopinion’s first anniversary, I am proud member as of today.

My story began in June 2014, when I was really interested in news articles and I wanted to get my opinion out about these stories. I turned to my Zak to see if I could write some articles on his website, he agreed and told me, “You will do some part-time for now. If you’re articles are great enough, I will allow you to work full-time.” So later this one night, I went on zakopinion’s YouTube channel, saw some music videos and I watched them. The videos were good, but zakopinion’s name wasn’t getting out too far. I was listening to some Avenged Sevenfold songs and I came across this very intense song, Critical Acclaim, which had a very strong expression about the American government, and how they were sending troops to Iraq and not winning the war. I gave the song for Zak to listen, he said the song was good, I told him this should be our reaction to how the Liberals won the Ontario provincial election and why it was bad. We changed the idea of the song from our reaction about the Ontario Liberal victory to how bad it would be if the Federal Liberals won the 2015 Canadian Federal election. We found a music store that allowed us to do some recording. We spent four hours recording drums and guitar, but didn’t have enough time to record vocals. Zak made a post the next day about new positions at zakopinion and how I am the music and media department. I would like to thank Zak for everything and things would have never been possible without him!

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