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Usually when we think about Northern Ontario we fantasize about the Muskokas, the vast forests, and the beautiful lakes. I do this too. I love going to Northern Ontario. You escape the rush and spend time with nature. Manitoulin Island is a great spot for that. I had a nice time going there this summer. I also went to Sudbury, Ontario where my aunt lives. She lives right on the lake so when going to Sudbury my perception that’s my perception. This time around I was more adventurous so we decided to go downtown. When I originally thought about downtown Sudbury I thought it’d be something like the Harbourfront in Toronto. A place where you could shop right on the lake. It wasn’t really what I expected. When we first went into the downtown part of Sudbury, it looked cool to me. There was a subway station (with an LCBO and Time Hortons right outside of it taking away from the building) which meant signs of moving forward. Then we went more into downtown, and things started falling apart in my mind. There were huge old buildings that were just sitting there, with nothing inside of them. A huge abandoned theatre just lying there. For the most part it just looked like slums. When speaking to my aunt, she said that during the mining rush (about 40-50 years ago) Sudbury HAD streetcars. They HAD them even before Toronto did. After the earth there was mined out, people started moving back to their home cities. The population dropped so the streetcars were no longer needed. The residential area of downtown Sudbury was also not that appealing. You could tell that the market wasn’t there because of the old and beaten homes. It actually kinda looked like Detroit. Most houses were in dire need of renovation something that probably cannot be done because of the homeowners’ lack of income or their lack of interest towards their house. What I’m trying to say might insult some and I don’t mean for that. What I’m simply trying to say is that Sudury has to get itself moving. Most youth are moving out because of the lack of jobs. Young adults in Sudbury are moving to Toronto because of the plentiful opportunity. Sudbury! Get your act together!


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