By: Rolf

Well, it’s happened again. U.S. Air Forces dropped 500-pound bombs on ISIS fighters in support of the Iraqi Government. A day after the bombs, the US government declares that it would be sending arms directly to the Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS. Ok, so you are thinking, “what is going on? Why is the USA fighting a group of militants in the middle east that have little or no intention of attacking America?” That is where many people go wrong. Many people think that this is a waste of resources and that many Americans will be killed, and I agree with the population—to some extent. Let’s start from the beginning. For the past 3 years, ISIS was fighting against Syria and Iraq. They gained an arsenal of weapons from capturing Syrian cities and Syrian strongholds. Now, they have turned their attention to Iraq. So why is the government stepping up now? How could the Government allow for a TERRORIST GROUP to gain weapons and gain ground? I am not saying that the USA and other countries should stop supporting the Kurdish forces and back out of the war against terror (although they are VERY behind in the game), I am saying that they should have taken action years ago. Everyone just stood there and watched as a group of militants took over advanced weapons. WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT SPENDING MORE MONEY NOW? Why is the government putting off fighting against militants when they knew that they would have to fight them sooner or later? Why would we spend twice or three times the money fighting more people and more weapons than a few years ago when they had no power and they could not take over more land and weapons? That is how we have no idea how to fight. The government thinks that by just putting a war aside, a problem will fix itself? Now we have to pick up the war at a higher cost than before. We let civilians die and we put our embassies and our weapons in dangerous countries at risk. We have to pick up our game and stop terror once and for all.

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