By: Rolf

Many people complain about the line at the check-in’s and they should be. Lines at the airport can be stressful and it WILL take a lot of time. People at the check-in’s are slow and VERY unorganized. Let’s put it this way, you cannot bypass this, there is no way. Just this morning, I was on a flight from Toronto to Calgary to visit Banff National Park, and let me tell you, I was waiting to receive my boarding pass for 1 hour at 7 am. How in the world is there a line for a 9 o’clock flight? Let me tell you the worst part. There are people lining up there for a 8 o’clock flight at 7 in the morning! What in the world are they doing at the airport only am HOUR before their flight? Do they not understand that they need to wait for their passes, get their luggage checked in, and then go through security? Do they not understand that they need to get to the gate 15 minutes before the flight to board the plane for domestic, and 30 minutes before to board for international flights? Why are they getting there at 7 am for an 8 o’clock flight? Are the CARZY? And then they think that they get to cut in line because their flight is about to leave! This morning (I am talking about the 16th if this article comes out late) about 60% of the people in the line to get their tickets had flights at 8:00, 8:25, 8:30 and they were getting there at 7 to get their passes. To make matters worse, the people at the desks were as slow as molasses on a winter’s night. Some people were standing at the desk for 5 minutes while the rest of us watched on. There were hundreds of people and we could see staff members just frolicking around doing nothing. At around 7:45, a good staff member told everyone that had their flight leave at 8:00 to stand back and let people from my flight and other 9 o’clock flights to get their passes. Some passengers were angry, but what the heck? They made their choices not to get to the airport 2-hours beforehand and they waiting for the last minute to get their pass. They were idiots to not get their beforehand and I applaud the staff member who made them stand back to not let the rest of us be late. If you do know, airports are a mess and things are very crazy. There are many things you can do to shorten the time you wait. Firstly, do not make the mistake and think you have a lot of time. You don’t. Get there early (2 hours at least) and make your way fast though the airport. Have all your documents in your hand to shorten your time and help out the people around you.

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