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By: Boss James

In Canada, abortion is one of the problems on Stephen Harper’s hands. Abortion is a process when an unborn child is killed either medically or surgically. I am completely against it, I don’t care about how they say: “It is the woman’s choice about the baby.” It is completely the Liberals fault that legalized abortion. When a person dies, a baby is born to replace the dead person of the population. I mean right now the abortion rate have decreased each year versus the babies that are born. Even though more babies are being born, it is not enough to replace those who are dead. As a tax payer I am expecting my money to be going for benefits, not for murderer. If I were prime minister, I would make abortion illegal and open up orphanages across the country for babies not needed from their parents. These babies could be the new faces of Canada. This plan would save thousand to millions of babies to replace those who died. Come on, I know that no politician has ever thought of this idea, but get those gears in your head functioning and we can make a better Canada!

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