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By: Zak

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced today that by 2017 the NHL will be adding 4 more teams. 1 in Seattle, 1 in Las Vegas, 1 in Quebec City (return of the Nordiques), and another team in Toronto! Let’s shift our view to the 2nd team in Toronto. It will probably be based in Markham where a new 18,000+ seating arena is being built. I’m a man who personally doesn’t like change, I’m a little bit pissed off at this. However the NHL thinks it’s great so they’re giving it a go. Lots of things are going to come out of this. Let’s weigh in the pros and cons.


1.This will give the NHL and hockey and all new look. Markham is home to many new Canadians and ethnic people so the new NHL teams will probably encourage them to become hockey fans. 

2. The Toronto Maple Leafs are already a sellout team. People have been dying to go to a game but because of high prices and lack of seating this hasn’t become possible. Now that there’s two teams, people from the Markham area will probably go to their games (if they’re not leafs fans). People from Toronto will then stay in their area too. Ticket prices will then be reduced (yay!)

3. More revenue will be generated meaning the NHL will become even richer. This will keep Canada’s sport alive for many generations to come. 


1. Sales of tickets, merchandise, etc. will drop for the Leafs because of another team. Lots of hockey fans might attend the Markham games than rather making the long voyage to the ACC. This might mean that the annual sales for the NHL’s only 1 billion dollar franchise might go down.

2. More traffic on Hockey Night In Canada days. If you’re a person who hates Toronto and GTA traffic. Tough luck. Both Markham and Downtown Toronto will be clogged on Saturday nights. Toronto and GTA traffic will be even worse now. 

3. Traditions lost. Whenever we’d think about Toronto hockey we would automatically think about the Leafs (and how they lose haha). Now we would have the option to think about the Markham franchise. Most people jump on the Leafs bandwagon. Now they can also jump on the Markham bandwagon.
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