By: Rolf Li

Do you know what is worse to the American tax collectors than a simple income tax evasion problem that CAN be solved? No? Well, I can tell you exactly what the problem is. It is the large corporate companies that are ripping the American Tax Collectors off. In fact, the amount of companies that are moving their headquarters from America directly to Canada because of the lower tax rates and the same amount of productivity. The tax rate for large companies and any company in America is close to 38%. That is a ridiculous amount to pay just to have a company in the USA. This is just going against the point of getting the economy back on track. If you have high tax rates, then companies do not want to be a part of the American tax system. No one in his or her right mind would rather pay higher taxes and have educated workers when they can choose less tax and the same amount of education. After the recession, America chose to pump money back into the system and to get the economy rolling again and then they allowed companies to headquarter easier in the USA. But then America got greedy and they though that they could keep companies here even though they had ridiculous tax. In Canada, we want the companies to come to our country so we LOWERED the tax rate to only 25%. That substantial difference goes right into the profit line and into improving the company. With all that money, the company can expand and hire more people. With the headquarters in Canada, we lose nothing. We gain money from corporate tax and we gain jobs when the companies open new stores and hire more people to operate the company. Statistics show that America has lost 700 billion in uncollected taxes from big companies. 700 BILLION! I would laugh at the Americans, but that is not nice, but it has helped our economy so much that I would congratulate the Americans for driving their companies out. For instance, look at what is happening to the big company that has just moved to Canada. Burger Kings has just bought Tim Horton’s for 11 billion dollars. That is very good for Canada because we get money off that deal, Tim Horton’s retains its name and the merger company is moving their headquarters to Canada. That means we get even more money and we pump more jobs into OUR economy. Good job to our taxmen for lowering the tax rates and getting more money into our future. It was a wild run America, but the end was near for all of your companies.

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