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Yes I’m sure most Canadians have heard. U.S burger franchise Burger King has purchased an icon of ours. Something we cannot live without. A place that provides us with garbage food, a place that rips us off daily, a place that we love. This place was named after a famous hockey player in the 60’s. This place is Canada’s #1 Coffee franchise. Tim Horton’s. Last week world famous burger franchise Burger King bought Timmy’s for a whopping 14 billion dollars. It was a largely discussed topic. I had a few conversations with a few people and some thought that this is good. They said that Burger King will move their HQ to Canada and that more jobs will be created. This is actually far from correct in my view. Burger King is owned by Brazilian equity firm 3g. This company will probably keep the American staff or bring their own in. This company is also known to be very strict and will cut down the amount of workers at Tim Horton’s head office. Jobs already lost there.
I’ll give you another reason as to why the Tim Horton’s-Burger King deal is harmful for


our economy. Wendy’s. Most Tim Horton’s have a Wendy’s next to them. This was because of when Wendy’s used to own Tim Horton’s. The two still remain together. Now that Burger King has bought Tim Horton’s, they’ll kick Wendy’s out as soon as the lease comes up for renewal. Wendy’s is a Burger franchise like Burger King so that really wouldn’t work out. If all the Wendy’s have to move out, they’d have to find new places. Property and leases are very expensive these days. Some perhaps all Wendy’s would shut down and Canada would have lost about 2,000 jobs right there. While checking out the Conservative Party of Canada’s Facebook page, I spotted an article highlighting why the public should vote Conservative. One reason was that big businesses are now moving to Canada because of the Conservative government. Mr Harper! While bringing in big businesses to Canada may be a good thing for you, don’t forget about the jobs lost! These corporations who come up north, end up shutting down Canadian businesses. Most of these businesses bring their own HQ staff here. Small independently ran stores would have to shut down. Even big Canadian corporations like Mr. Sub and Harvey’s would take a hit. Americans refer to Canada as it’s little sibling. I hate to think of that but sadly CANADA is becoming AMERICANIZED. 

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