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By: Zak

These days everything is online. Most of us no longer send mail so each other. We send emails to each other. Everything is done virtually. However there’s one thing I believe will never go out of style for a while. Business Cards. A staple in the world of business people. Why I don’t believe these will go out of style? Well for one, how would virtual business cards work? With actual physical business cards, we are able save them. Say you come across a business and you take their card. You would store the card in your wallet or in some place safe. Whereas if a virtual business card was sent in an email, you could easily lose it. Business cards are often exchanged upon visiting businesses or after/during a conversation with a person. When going to a local business to purchase something you might come across a business card while checking out at the counter. You would take that card with you and phone it. This might lead up to you purchasing what the business has to offer. While conversing with someone you have met for the first time or who doesn’t have your contact info a business card would come handy. The person would then keep the business card for when they have to contact you. Business cards are great for businesses and I believe they will not phase out. Business cards are very effective for marketing and getting your info across to many different people. This is one of the things that the internet age will not take from us. 


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