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I try not to stay mainstream. I’m more of the rebellious type. I use a BlackBerry while most people have iPhones and Samsungs. At first I got my BlackBerry trying to force myself into using it. Now I love my phone. I don’t take selfies. I believe they’re an insult to society. I dress trying to be 80s like. I love floral shirts. I take pride in being different. I love it. However out of all this, the action that I take most pride in is being anti text language. I hate text language. When I first started texting I liked text language. I thought it was quick and fun to use. Everyone uses text language. From old people to young people, it’s a trend. Though after a while it got a bit boring. I started questioning myself “Why do I have to text like this? Why can’t I just use full words like I was taught to throughout my whole life.” So I stopped using text language. People text me a very little bit while I’ll reply taking up 4 or 5 lines. I like it. However after not using text language for about 9 months I’m feeling the fight inside of me becoming a bit weaker. When I’m in a hurry and have to put my phone away I scramble to type at full speed (thankfully I have a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard) while people around me take 2 minutes to type in what they have to. It’s human laziness. I love hating text language but sometimes I feel as if I’ll give into it. However each day I carry myself on trying to conquer not using text language. I also try to show people that you don’t have to use “u, lol, and etc.” So far I’d say it’s working out pretty well. At least now when some people text me, they use the words that they were taught to use. I hope I can help start a trend of people against text language.

I shall keep the fight up. 

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