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By: Rolf

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! That’s a cry you will most definitely hear as you walk around the streets of Hong Kong. For a week now, protesters have cut off the roads and created a massive traffic headache for the people of Hong Kong. The police are firing tear gas into the crowds but this time, they are not backing down. With the roads closed, Hong Kong’s economy is crippled and people are forced not to go to work. So, how did this all happen? Is the government allowing the city to lose money by the day? What can even be done to solve this pestilence? Let’s start at the beginning of everything, shall we? In 1999, Hong Kong was returned to the People’s Republic of China from British control with the assurances that Hong Kong’s democracy and rights would be preserved. This was revolutionary in China as the new system was called “One Country. Two Systems”. This called for Hong Kong to be a part of China, but to be free and have democratic rights. So why is everyone so angry at the Chinese Government? Well, here’s the answer. Hong Kong, as you may know, has an election in 2017 to replace the current CEO if Hong Kong and to replace the commander. Now, China is allowing for that to happen, but there is a catch. Declared by Chinese President, Xi JingPing, Hong Kong may vote for their future leader, but the leader MUST be approved by the Chinese government first. I believe that this a step in the right direction for Hong Kong. Now many of you may disagree, but hear me out. Hong Kong will remain INDEPENDENT! Why is everyone so riled up? Hong Kong will still have the same rights as the Americans, they will have their rights protected by the contract that China and the UK signed, and they are protected by the international committee. All they lose is choosing a leader that they really want, but they still get to vote! In China, that is better than nothing. It is impossible for China to implement major changes without the approval of the Hong Kong congress, that will be made up of the people of HK, and the new approved leader will only be the face of the city, and won’t be allowed to make big changes according to the document signed in 1999.



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