As you may have heard, yesterday marked the first case of Ebola in the U.S.. For the record, the guy who got Ebola is the dumbest person who ever lived on Earth. If I were him, I would cancel the trip no matter how important it is. Ebola has already claimed 3000 lives in West Africa according the the World Health Organization. He would still visit Liberia in such times.

My point is not that the guy is such and idiot or whatever. I am expressing my concern over what will happen in the next days. Ebola could be spread through body fluids. If that person kissed or hugged anyone, Ebola could have made contact to much more than that one person. Eventually, U.S. might have an outbreak of Ebola of their own. We as Canadians have to keep a keen eye on this matter. If Ebola spread all over North America, the results could be catastrophic.

I think the UN and the federal government should post a travel ban to any West African country. If more people come back with Ebola, medical control could get out of hand.

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