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Madchild is back and this time around he’s pretty mad. Going solo, the Vancouver area rapper doesn’t disappoint on his new album that just dropped this week “Switched On.” It’s not onna those where you can crack open a can and listen to it while your typing up something else. This album requires the listener to pay attention and to listen to and study the lyrics well. The Swollen Members just released their new album “Brand New Day” in June, so Mad has been at the mic for quite the time. Switched On truly represents what he really is. Tracks like “Iran” and “Tom Cruise” show Mad’s creativity. On the other hand one’s like “Tiger Blood,” and “Switched On” show the true side of the Battle Axe Warrior, it shows that after 21 combined solo and Swollen Members albums, the fire is still raging inside of him. Madchild has done lots of work throughout his career, and this is just one of the albums that have made Madchild a household name. The beats in this album are killer, and Mad’s rhyming skills are very much intact.
I’ll give my top three tracks from the album.

1. White Knuckles
This is a classic Madchild rhyme. The evil in this track is quite something. It’s a dark rap, one that mystifies you as it plays. It has an extra-terrestrial feel to it. Sorta like evil sci-fi. This track also reminded me of “Supernova from The Swollen Members’ latest drop “Brand New Day.” If listened closely, this track could possibly take you to outer space.

2. Switched On
Once again a creepy mysterious beat, this tracks is pretty quick and slick coming in at 2:29. In this track, Madchild is basically talking about how you shouldn’t mess with him. This one is straight up rapping, there’s no hook. Mad also says about how you should just be yourself and not compare yourself with people who are on another level. Madchild also spits about how he’s seen it all, talking about what he does. Overall a good track that’s also a fast one. Lots of meaning behind these words.

3. Tiger Blood
This is classic Madchild work. Tiger Blood is a track that will really get your insides pumping. It’s a tough rap that has Mad going on about everything from dissin Akon to talking about Freddy Kruger. The lyrical play is dope in this one. This is basically a diss track to everything and everyone Mad has ever had shit with.

To sum this all up, the album is a great one. The lyrics really make it great. With 18 tracks it’ll have you listening for a while. It’s my guarantee that it won’t get boring!

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