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As some of you may already know, the iPhone 6 was just released. The iPhone 6 seemed to have a bending ability. The phone would bend in your pocket if you tried hard enough. Apple’s iPhone has always been getting bigger and thinner. This means it will be easier to bend along the generations. Though the iPhones are getting better processors, the new iOS operating systems are getting worse. I personally loved iOS 6. iOS 8 was a disaster: the keyboard is unreliable, the apps and Safari would always crash or glitch out. Oh, yes did I mention it would take you 1.4 GB to install iOS 8? Crazy right? The battery is also another issue. The battery is burning out like candles being thrown to an inferno. iPhone and iOS is starting to drop in quality and I can’t understand why iPhones are so expensive and popular. The iPhone 6 also has a problem of slipping out of your hand because the display screen is too big. Many people have already cracked their new iPhone 6 screens.

Compare this to the BlackBerry z10. It is fast, it is very reliable. The software does not crash, the camera is so much better and it waste less batteries. Best of all, BlackBerrys are very hard to hack through because of the unique security system that BlackBerry has. BlackBerrys also have amazing keyboards. They are very logical and ergonomic. People should respect BlackBerry, they made the first smartphone. If you insult BlackBerry, you insult your own phone to. I say BlackBerry will make a comeback and one day, beat Apple.
apple vs z10

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