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By Zak and Boss:

Zak: All political parties have a certain area where lots of their votes come from. For the Conservatives this area are the Prairie provinces. Cowboys, oil, and cold winters. With a population of about 6 million this would definitely be an area to get some votes from. For the longest time the Liberal Party of Canada has been trying to garnish their mainly Ontario votes with some from the prairies. Justin Trudeau recently decided to pay Alberta a nice visit.

Boss: Alberta and Saskatchewan vote for the Conservatives, this is where most of the Conservative votes come from. The reason being Stephen Harper lives in Calgary. Also many big businesses are based in the prairies because of the oil industry. Conservatives support big businesses. How is Trudeau going to convince millions of citizens in the prairies to vote for him, Harper would be highly agitated if his voters change their mind. Infact he’d be screwed. For those in Alberta and Saskatchewan right now, would you people honestly want to be governed by a guy who’s going to waste the oil that you preciously own and later will be taxed high? So think about it, has Harper done good for you, Alberta?

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