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By: Zak

Canada. Canada is my home. I was born and raised here. Living up north I’ve grown to love companies and practices that are native to Canada. Hockey, The Bay, Canadian Politics, BlackBerry, Canadian Hip Hop, are just some reasons why I love Canada. To the south of Canada lies the US. A dominant country in the world. A superpower. With a population of 300 million people, the United States of America is quite a big country. With more people comes more brains. Lots of things that are used in our everyday lives have been created in the US. Everything from light bulbs to corn flakes originate from the States. Being our neighbour we would have to be on good terms. Canada and the US are allies. When things get rough we help each other out. Canada helped the US through the war in Afghanistan.  When you look at the business side, many different companies that have done well in the south have decided to expand up north. Businesses in the US use Canada to test themselves out. They use us to see how they’d fare in another country. Burger King and McDonald’s are some of the companies that have expanded into Canada. Now think about it. Do you visit McDonald’s more than you visit a Canadian food retailer like Harvey’s? Do you visit Subway more often that you visit a Canadian company like Mr. Sub? When people start to use and recognize American companies more than Canadian ones, it shows that something is in the act of being fulfilled. Americanization.

This is part of a zakopinion special. Part 2 will be published next week. Stay tuned! 

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