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By: Boss

The most controversial footballer of today is Luis Suarez. Suarez is Uruguayan and plays on FC Barcelona. Suarez is known for biting, diving, and much more. Most of these incidents resulted in charges and match-bans. Honestly, he knows what he is doing and doesn’t care if he will end up in these problems. I believe he does this so he can spend time with his family during the match-bans. Come on man, I know you really want to spend time with your family, but the team needs you to win. Good footballers are not to have this type of attitude, and also do not want to be banned from FIFA games forever.

The most talked about thing is Luis Suarez and biting. Suarez bit his first victim Otman Bakkal of PSV Eindhoven. He was fined and banned for two matches by Ajax, the team he was on. Suarez transferred to Liverpool F.C, where he bit his second victim, Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea F.C and was banned for ten matches. The most recent biting incident occurred during the world cup, where Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez was suspended for nine international matches, including Copa America and banned for four months.

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-final between Uruguay and Ghana, Suarez committed a handball in the penalty area during the final minute of extra half-time, when Dominic Adiyiah kicked the ball and Suarez palmed the ball. Suarez received a red card and a penalty kick was awarded to Ghana, but the game went on to penalty kicks as the ball hit bar of the net. The penalty kicks ended in a 4-2 victory for Uruguay as they proceeded for the semi-finals. Uruguay lost the semi-finals to Holland, but proceeded to the Third-place Game with Germany, Suarez returned, but to be booed at every time he had the ball, Uruguay lost again.

Suarez said he wants to change, but he just can’t. It will take some time for him, but he should be a new man when he plays for Barcelona on October 26. F.C Barcelona be ready for Suarez!


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