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Today, a group of gunman attacked the Ottawa area. Yes.. I know, sad and horrendous day for humanity right? The truth is that there is always more to a story than what you can see. This one is no different.

A single gunman shot a Canadian solider at a memorial near parliament hill. This is a disgusting crime no matter who you support. Someone is remembering the spirit of a lost friend or family member. The solider died two hours after he got shot. It is quite inhumane. At that time, I felt angry. I knew it was ISIS who was responsible. As you may know, yesterday a ISIS member ran over 2 soldiers with a car. ISIS has also publicly stated that they will attack Canada.

Then, came more developments. Gunshots were fired in the parliament library. The parliament was in lock down. The government responded very well. They were quick in providing safety measures. All party leaders ( Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair) were brought to safety. Many buildings were in lockdown. All major malls near Ottawa were in lockdown. The first gunman who shot the solider was found and shot dead. The second gunman is still at large. Police are canvassing and interviewing the locals in an effort to find the second gunman.
This is basically what happened, now comes the important part.

ISIS has attacked Canada twice already. Yesterday, they ran over the solider and today, they shot a solider. As promised, ISIS is attacking Canada. Why are they using methods of terror to scare people. The Canadian government has 90 potentially dangers ISIS militants in Canada. Now, that has decreased to 88.
My point is: Why is ISIS doing this? What do they gain from this… NOTHING! They are killing random soldiers just to make us scared. Screw your ass ISIS. Killing soldiers is not the solution. It will only strengthen the hatred we have for you, stupid ISIS.

There a strong possibility that ISIS will attack major cities like Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, and Toronto. As a proud Canadian, I worry for my life. It could be me or you that ISIS kills next. ISIS are senseless idiots. I think the Canadian government should arrest the 88 remaining ISIS militants, interrogate them and either kill them or put them in jail. With aggressive people, the only solution is to be aggressive to them.

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