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Now I’m no rude or racist person. I know and have family who are permanent residents. These people live in Canada and spend most of their money in Canada, benefiting our economy. Some of these people are permanent residents who are on the path of becoming a Canadian citizens. Some of these people have not applied for a Canadian passport yet they spend every single dime of theirs in Canada. These people are good for our economy. However there are some permanent residents who differ to the people that I know. I know of people who are permanent residents, but don’t live in Canada for about 80% of the time. Whilst reading the Government of Canada’s permanent resident guidelines I came across a section that read “permanent residents get most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage.” This means that the people who do not live in Canada, and do not spend money in Canada still get free health-care. At whose expense? The tax payer’s. However when doing deeper research on the Canadian Government’s website it stated “You must live in Canada for 2 out of 5 years or for 730 days.” These people are making the tax payer’s pay for their pension when they don’t even help the Canadian economy. So what’s your thought? Should permanent residents have to live in Canada for a longer period of time? 

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