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John Tory was elected as mayor of Toronto for 2014. He won by 60,000 votes against Doug Ford. However, I do not think that Tory will successfully run the city of Toronto.
At first, it was Rob Ford running, however, due to Rob’s unstable health conditions, he was forced to withdraw. Doug Ford carried on Rob’s spirit and continued the race for him. That was very kind and considerate. Rob Ford is currently going through chemotherapy.
Let’s get to the campaign part. Tory knows nothing. He will not eliminate the land transfer tax; he will have this stupid Smart Track system which will cost taxpayers billions of dollars. I understand the fact that he wants to build a better infrastructure system and ease gridlock; however, this isn’t the way to do it. He could have just make new laws or built more subways. It would have only been a fraction of the cost and subways can have a large capacity for rush-hour. His transit part was a fail.
Doug Ford’s campaign was different. He said that he wanted to build subways, which is very smart. Subways can last a long time. It is very reliable. It is also electric, so it doesn’t pollute and is a good long term investment for the city of Toronto. I didn’t see why John Tory is so opposed to that.
The thing here is that John Tory’s plan is super expensive and unpractical, while Doug Ford’s plan was much more practical and costs only a fraction of Tory’s plan.
Now here comes Olivia Chow. She wants to invest in children and childcare. She only talks about childcare and that is just not the way to go in an election. I know children is the future of the world, however, you have to act more as a leader than a parent-like person seeking better childcare. She doesn’t talk transit or anything.
Now that we are down with the campaign part, let’s talk about John Tory’s new job. Being the mayor of Toronto is a HIGHLY stressful job. John Tory does not have the experience. He doesn’t know how the municipal government works. He will have to take time to adapt. Also, it will be a real pain for the people of Toronto because of the future tax raises. John Tory will not be popular. He is also out of touch with reality because during his campaign, all he wants are high profile endorsements. That is crazy. It will not be these people who you will work with in your term as mayor. IT IS THE PEOPLE OF TORONTO. That is why Doug Ford’s campaign clicked for me. It was for the people. The purposed changes were for the people of Toronto, unlike that Tory.
If you think I am wrong check this out: Rob Ford promised to eliminate the Land Transfer tax, which he basically did except for the last 1.75% or so. He also saved the taxpayers of Toronto a BILLION DOLLARS in the last 4 years. That is AMAZING.
What is Tory going to do…? SPEND SPEND SPEND.
Tory is like a chicken with its head cut off running around, he has no sense of direction and doesn’t know what he is doing. I say TORONTO, VOTE FORD FOR 2018 ELECTION.


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