The epic showdown is finally here. These are my opinions on Coca-Cola vs Pepsi. Personally, I love Coca-Cola and hate Pepsi.

Let me first talk about the history of these two companies. Coca-Cola was founded in 1892. At first, it was used by the military because it was very cheap to produce and could quickly quench your thirst. The caffeine also let the soldiers stay focused and alert. For a long time, Coca-Cola was supporting the military. Then, Coca-Cola thought that they could make very good profits if they went to the public market. As soon as Coca-Cola went public, sales skyrocketed. Demand was huge. The lemony-fizzy flavour was so unique. The world, quite frankly never seen anything like it. The caffeine in the drink was the perfect touch. It let long work days seem like a breeze and just make people feel good.

Pepsi saw how successful Coca-Cola was and envied Coca-Cola, so they basically jumped aboard the Coke train. The company was established in 1965. They tried to recreate the Coca-Cola taste, but they weren’t that successful.

The most important part is obviously taste.
Coca-Cola is amazing. It is quite sweet, but in a very good way. The extra caffeine makes you feel energized. The amount of carbon dioxide is amazing. Not too much and not to little. I don’t know why, but there is something attractive-almost addictive about Coca-Cola. Bottom line-Coca-Cola is boss.

Pepsi is different. It has more lemony taste to it. It is not as sweet and no where near the amount of sugar as Coca-Cola. There is very little carbon dioxide. This creates a awful taste. It is hard to describe. It seems kind of bland or unflavoured. Pepsi just won’t cut it for me.

Now, I know there is lots of coke variations, however it is a no-go on Coke Zero or Diet Coke. Think. There is no sugar but it is the same sweetness. They use artificial sugars which are bad for your health.

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