A few weeks ago after my business card post, Oswaldo Zapata, founder of allBcards.com contacted me. He was very nice and we had a great conversation. He recently emailed me about his website’s new infographic. Here’s an article about it.

The link for the infographic is: http://www.allbcards.com/en/l/infographic-business-card-and-networking-tips-1.html

“An effective tagline is something you have to add to your business card
in order to engage your prospects. But, do you know how to write it? Do
you know what elements you need to include for your potential customers
or clients to remember you? Do you know how to convey your message in a
memorable way? This infographic was created to help you with this issue.

And, what about a photo on your card? You may have seen many biz cards
with photos on it; real estate agents love business cards with photos!
But, what makes a good photo to print on your card? This infographic
gives you advice on this.

In addition, you will learn how to create an amazing distribution
strategy to reach more people and increase sales. You will learn where
to leave your business cards for maximum exposure and promote your
business within your specific target market.

Finally, did you know that business card were invented in China? The
infographic also covers the history of the business cards; from their
early days in China until their conquest of the world in the twentieth

We at allBcards.com have created this infographic to teach you these and
many other tips to effectively expand your network and grow your
business. If you want to read more about biz cards, download our
Complete Guide to Business Cards (102 pages). We cover in detail
everything your need to know about this tiny but powerful marketing

Make sure to check out Oswaldo’s site for great business card info.