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In Canada, our two national languages are English and French. In the English-speaking provinces, there are schools that provide French immersion, a program where students learn more French than English; this is the opposite in the French-speaking provinces of Canada. The problem with French Immersion is that, students who enroll for French Immersion become illiterate in English. More than fifty percent of Canada’s population are English speakers, compared to French speakers which are about thirty percent. I have a friend who sent their kid to French-Immersion, later the child left the school and failed in English class. The kid later had to take a few years of English tutoring and now is doing well in school. I mean, honestly, if you are going to send your kid to a French-Immersion school, make sure your kid is fluent in English and is around ten to fourteen years of age. Also consider what job your kid will choose in life, if your child has taken French-Immersion for many years, he’ll probably become a lawyer, a translator, or be working in Montreal. I just don’t understand why people can’t also be doing some English tutoring at the same time, this should be on the French-Immersion application form to get parents aware of possible problems that the kid will go through. The last thing I want to tell you is, if you are considering on sending your child to French-Immersion, consider how illiterate he/she will be in English, how fluent is your child in English and will your child be doing a French-speaking job.

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