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I don’t understand why people don’t understand politics. The government exists because it could better manage a country, province or city. Governments pass bills and new legislation on a weekly basis to benefit the people. This is why we have taxes. We have taxes so that the government could fund all the new roads, healthcare, schooling, funding and support for the bills and rights we receive. Many people are complaining of such high taxes, however they don’t realize that they play a role in the government. It seems as if the only time people care about the government is during an election. This is beyond outrageous. During the times of elections every party and candidate will try to make themselves look like the best choice for the voters. Sometimes, politicians are willing to lie to get your vote. I am saying that people should learn politics and have a extended understanding in politics. We should know what each candidate’s exact plans are. We need to know their priorities ahead of an election. We need to stay one step head of the politicians.
There is also another major problem these days. That is voter turnout. Usually, voter turnout in an election is between 65% and 80%. This is a very bad percentage. We should have at least 90% voter turnout. We can’t run under the assumption that everyone will split the votes equally. Who knows who the 35% to 20% of the potential voters will vote for. Then people start complaining and saying how bad the government is. Quite stupid and hilarious.

People. Step up your knowledge in politics. The things each party stands for is very different. You can change the government in the form of voting. Make the right choices in terms of voting. It’s time we learn about how the government is ran.

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