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The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that they are in the midst of opening up an online gaming website. Users would be able to play games that they play at casinos. This is a big step for the OLG. They are revolutionizing the gambling industry. If this takes off, there would be no need to make the two hour ride to Casino Rama or Niagara Falls. Instead you could safely (beware of hackers) game in the comfort of your home. Sounds cool eh? Well not so cool for lottery ticket vendors. OLG also announced that you will be able to buy lottery tickets online. No need to make that drive to pick up your 6/49. This is bad for lottery booths and convenience stores. Those lottery booths in places like Walmart will be hit very hard. When you walk into a convenience store the two things that most people buy are cigarettes and lottery tickets. So much for that. Now you can buy tickets at home. We’re in for a lot. Lottery ticket vendors are gonna fight back. There might just be a compromise. I believe that the OLG shouldn’t sell tickets online. They’re harming our economy. Convenience stores especially at gas stations play a huge role in everyday life. Making that trip on a Friday night to the convenience store has become a tradition. It’s something that has to be done. Perhaps not anymore. 

The Internet age…

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