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Supersonic passenger jets maybe coming true again. There are many mixed opinions to this. There are many benefits to this. I personally travel a lot. Many of my flights are 14 hours long. I personally can’t last 14 hours, sitting in a cramped seat. For long-hauls I go on first class for business class. Yes, I know, the food is amazing; you can have a flat bed… The point is not that I go on first or business class. I am trying to say that the cost of this is overwhelming. A first class ticket is thousands of dollars. Over a longer period of time, thousands of dollars build up to tens of thousands of dollars. As a frequent traveler, that amount of money is a big part of my life and budget. Airlines can’t afford to lose money on the flights to they have to keep prices high. There is basically no solution to this expect for a short flight time. The only way to solve that is to bring back supersonic passenger jets.

As you many know, supersonic jets called the Concorde flew some years ago. It could fly at twice the speed of sound (mach 2). It could cut flying time by 2.5-3 times compared to a normal passenger jet. That is very good indeed. This means a 12 hour flight will only take around 4-5 hours on the Concorde. However, it was retired in 2003 due to a crash. People thought that the plane was too unstable and the lives of people were endangered. Ever since, there were no more supersonic passengers jets ever built.

Now, Boeing is working on a new supersonic passenger plane. This is good news because of the shorter flight times. This should make the tickets cheaper since I can sit in an economy class seat. Sitting in economy class for 4 hours isn’t too bad. However the good news stops here. Many people are highly against this because of noise pollution. People who live near airports will suffer. Also, in the case of an emergency or a crash, the number of fatalities will increase because of the speed the planes are travelling at. Also, the runways of airports will have to be longer because of the speed required to take off and land. This means government funding which will require higher taxes. Last but not least, not all airlines will go aboard with the plan. Airlines need to consider the cost and profits of running this plane. If there is not enough profits or passengers are not interested in a supersonic passenger jet, there is no point of investing in the plane anyway.

I seriously hope that airlines will approve this plane. This will benefit a lot of frequent travelers. The benefits are infinite. It also doesn’t affect my personal life negatively. I hope that Boeing is serious about this.

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