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zakopinion’s inaugural stock pick is poised to be a hot one. There are many reasons as to why you should buy Honda Motor Co. Let’s name the positives.

1. Priced at $31.55, Honda is near it’s 52 week low of $29.30. If invested in now, Honda could reach $42.96 which means a good $11 or so made per share. 

2. Honda is investing big money in Canada. They are investing $857 million in 3 plants located in Allison, Ontario. This is the first time Honda is investing such money in a foreign market. The Ontario provincial government also plans to support Honda, covering 10% of their investment plans. This will create many jobs and will hopefully encourage Ontarians to purchase Hondas. 

3. Winter is approaching and at this time people like to buy a nice car for the harsh weather. The Honda Civic is very popular for the winter. The starting price for the vehicle is around $18,000 USD which is quite affordable. In 2013 alone, Honda sold 336, 180 units of the Civic. 

To sum this all up, Honda is a buy. It should go up quite a bit by January or February. If you are still feeling as if you need some reassurance, Japanese markets are at their yearly lows right now. It is best to invest now as your investment should go up.

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