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By: Mark, with a special thanks to Zak.
Canada has a vast array of haunted houses, cursed buildings and ghost house myths. The Parliament Hill is one of the most important buildings in all of Canada. It is where the government’s highest ranking officials and the Federal government officials work. However, it also beholds many accounts and many myths about political ghost figures attacking people who have worked in Parliament Hill.

The first thing I’d like to mention is how old the Parliament Hill is and a bit of the history. The age of the building is quite old. It is 255 years old. Contraction commenced on the building in 1859. Throughout the years many additional spaces and rooms have been added. The idea of having a fortress around Parliament Hill was introduced back then; however, the idea never took off. Now, you may be thinking that this has no relation what so ever to my topic, however, haunted buildings are known to be more “haunted” and “dangerous” when they are older.

On top of that, Parliament Hill had quite a couple of tragedies and “unlucky days”. However, the events were certainly very strange and obscure.
1. The center block of Parliament Hill was destroyed by a fire on February, 3rd, 1916. Despite the ongoing war overseas, the center blocks were re-laid by Governor General Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught on September 1st, 1916. The tower was also burnt down, so they had to build a new one. Eleven years later (in 1927) the tower was finished and it was renamed the Peace Tower.
2. In April 1989, a Greyhound line bus traveling to New York City from Montreal (a part of Quebec) was hijacked by an armed man and driven onto the lawn in front of the Centre Block. A standoff with police ensued and lasted eight hours; though three shots were fired, there were no injuries. This was not the end of this kind of incident. Then, came a second incident in September 1996 where an individual forcibly drove his car into the Centre Block doors and proceeded to jump out and attack RCMP officers who were standing guard. Nobody was fatally hurt. It was later decided in the interests of national security that Parliament Hill, which up to that time had been open to limited public traffic on the lower lawn, would be restricted to government and media vehicles only.
3. The last incident happened very recently. On October 22nd, 2014, a gunman opened fire and shot dead a soldier on guard at a war memorial. Then the gunman went into the Parliament Hill and started to go on a shooting spree. Luckily, nobody else was injured. The Sergeant-At-Arms, Kevin Vickers later shot the gunman. The single shot killed the gunman. This is a very recent incident. zakopinion.com has already done an article on the October 22nd, 2014 incident.
This is now the really scary and creepy part. These are actual accounts of ghost and spirit encounters in the Parliament Hill.
There are many ghost stories across Canada and quite a few have to do with former Prime Ministers and politicians.
One of the most famous haunting stories is that of the former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. He has been known to take part in many stances and had a shrine to his late mother at his home at Laurier House.
There was one incident where staff from the Parliament Hill had a strange and mysterious experience. The staff member clearly closed all the lights and was preparing to leave the room. Then, he saw there was light from a window, so he walked there to double check. He saw that one the lights were opened and there was nobody in that room. This is only one of the strange incidents.
Thomas D’arcy McGee was one of the fathers of confederation. He was a well known person. There is a museum nearby called the Bytown Museum. There was a plaster mold of his and his fingerprints. The staffs in charge of taking care for the plaster were on a break. They put the plaster into a locked drawer. Later when the staff entered the room again to continue their work, they found the drawer open. There was no one else in the room. The drawer was open and the plaster was moved away to a different location, however, it still remained in the room.
The last one is perhaps not very believable; however, for the reason of listing out the historical outline, I will describe it. Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald had lived in a great home. The home is now the home of the British High Commissioner. However many of the people living in the home have reported seeing ghost forms of him. That is the end of that. There is not much evidence with the last case; however the first two were very straight forward.
Our Parliament Hill is deep and enriched with history from the past. Parliament Hill is a haunted place. Or do you think it is rather a lie that has gone too far? I would love to hear from you. If you were to voice your opinion about this, that would be fantastic!

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