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Joe Oilver, Canada’s finance minister recently announced a projected 6.4 billion dollar surplus for the fiscal year of 2015. Now I am highly doubtful of his projected surplus. It is true that there were cuts across the board to save money for the government; however, if you take into consideration the recent money the government spent recently, you would instantly see some red flags.

There are a lot of infrastructural developments and upgrades now-a-days. I live in the Greater Toronto Area so I have an upfront experience with this. The infrastructure is aging indeed. Many bridges and roads are in need of repairs. Many of the municipalities can’t fund the infrastructural projects on their own. Therefore, they will turn to the provincial or federal government for help. Also because that winter is coming very soon, the need to repair the roads is a priority. This should be a time where we need money. The cost of road repairs is pretty costly. The cost of repairing a pot-hole is $25. Toronto has thousands if not millions of pot holes on only 1 street. Imagine all the streets in Canada combined. The cost for road repairs and new pavement is even more expensive. Last winter had been especially harsh, so the cost of road repairs should be huge. Also there were a couple of bridge incidents this year. Bridge repair costs are usually $1,000,000 per bridge. The most costly project is perhaps the Gardner Express Way. The Gardiner is a main artery of Toronto and is crumbling down. Repair on the Gardiner is said to cost $75,000,000. As you can imagine the cost and funding for this is tremendous. Remember 75 million dollars is the government’s estimation, it should cost much more.

Next is our battle against ISIS. Canada is joining in the fight against ISIS by summoning some of its CF-18s to conduct air attacks on ISIS targets. This is the right thing to do. However, please do remember I am trying to talk about the cost and how the government is lying about the surplus. Back to the point. These airstrikes cost a lot. When I say a lot, I mean it. As in the entire ISIS combat project could cost $8,000,000,000 dollars. That’s right… 8 billion dollars. Ammunition, flights, supplies and other things make the missions very costly. There is also no sign of ISIS backing down, so the airstrikes may continue for quite a while.

The last one may be not as significant. It is the battle against Ebola. Canada is sending medical resources and food there. That mean they need planes to ship the food there. That, my friends is also supported by the federal government. This could be over $300,000,000 in cost by the end of this.

To sum this all up, I am furious at the government for the lies that create and announce to the public. Government was created to serve the people better and manage the money better. The point of government is not to make their citizens happy by lying to them. There is too much political-fog in the air. We need to keep our heads straight and not get blinded by the endless lies that the government makes.

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