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Our main mobile phone companies Samsung and Apple are always competing to satisfy customer needs. Right now I believe that Apple is trying to copy Samsung, and make their own sales. I don’t think many people notice this, but I have noticed this. For one, Samsung manufactures Apples screens for their devices. There are many reasons why I believe this and it all started after Steve Jobs passed away…

When I saw the preview of iOS 7 I quickly looked at it and the first thing that came to mind was, why does it look like an Android system? Honestly, It just hit me and I felt that this would cause some controversy whether or not Samsung would sue Apple for making their new system update, like the theirs.

When Apple revealed the new iPhone 5s, it hit me again. The design looked nice, but looking at the front screen, edges, and back it made me want to compare a Samsung Galaxy to the iPhone 5s. The home button was changed from having a square on it to a clear circle. The edges and the back of the phone looked more metallic, compared to the iPhone 5.

Apple then released the iPad with Retina display and iPad Mini, it looked like the new iPad with Retina display, but smaller. I then thought, well people don’t want a heavy tablet with them, so that’s why they created the iPad with Retina display and the iPad Mini was created because was because no one wants a big tablet in their hands.

Apple revealed their iPhone 6 which had the size of a Samsung Galaxy S5. Zak told me, people just want a bigger phone nowadays, So I agreed with him. It also had the same design as the iPhone 5s did. The edges on the other hand was curved, just like a Samsung Galaxy. They then put the lock button on the right edge of the iPhone too.

Apple then revealed their iWatch, I knew my uncle had a Samsung Galaxy Gear (Samsung watch) and it was able to do the same things Apple said their iWatch would do. Has a camera, can use Bluetooth connections, and to make calls

Now Apple has revealed the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. They have changed it design a bit. The home button now has no square on it just like the current iPhone 6. The iPads still retain the curve on the edges though, which you can compare to a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Honestly, I own an iPhone 5 and I’m not trying to be hypocrite. I’m just saying, these things are what I believe that Apple is trying to imitate Samsung. This is what some people notice and I am trying to tell others of what I am seeing and believing. The message I am trying to convey is to compare the next Apple device to a Samsung and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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