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The issue of ISIS may have cooled down here in Canada; however they are still at large. In fact, the problem in Syria has gotten far worse than what we anticipated. ISIS needs to be stopped before it spreads globally. We need to examine the problem closer. The big problem right now is the airstrikes. After researching into this matter, I founded out that the airstrikes are not very effective. It is true that the airstrikes are destroying bases and artillery used by ISIS militants; however, airstrikes usually don’t target any of the actual militants. Now, you may be saying to me that destroying their military equipment is a right way to go because it will force ISIS to spend more money. However, you need to see the full story to understand how big the ISIS operation really is.

ISIS took over a crucial money source about a few months ago. That money source is the oil pipeline. ISIS makes $1,000,000,000 (a billion dollars) a day just from controlling the oil pipelines. A few weeks ago the pipeline was destroyed; however ISIS had already made hundreds of billions of dollars from the pipeline. From that money, ISIS can support equipment costs for years. I think there is a huge strategic error in our combat against ISIS.

In order to solve a problem, we need to get to the source. The source is the ISIS militants themselves. What Canada, US and even the UN needs to do it to send out ground troops. We need the ISIS militants killed. Without enough ISIS militants, ISIS cannot advance anymore because it is impossible without a mass amount of people. That is the key to defeating ISIS. We need to have our ground troops combat ISIS. We need ISIS to see that we are not afraid of them. Once there are no more ISIS militants, there is nobody to fight against.

The only problem with this is if the government is willing to do such a thing. The cost of flying the soldiers in, making a base, and attack ISIS militants is going to cost a lot of money. But again, keep in mind that the airstrikes should cost around 8 billion dollars in total which costs more that deploying ground troops. Sometimes, government officials make up lies and say that it is not “necessary”, however that is just the crap that politicians make up to avoid controversy.
Normally, I’d understand why politicians would want to dismiss the idea of having ground troops to fight against ISIS. These times are different. ISIS knows no boundaries. We will not be intimidated by ISIS. During these hard times, we will need to stand up for what we believe. We must do everything we can to stop ISIS before it becomes another Bin-Laden assassination mission.

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