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You’re most likely reading this post off of your mobile device. If you’re reading this off of a Samsung, you must think that you own a very good phone. Well the truth is that you do own a good phone. Now, have you ever thought about your mobile security? Well for the last let’s say… from when Samsung started making mobile devices, their security hasn’t been very good. I say the same for Apple. Every mainstream mobile device except for BlackBerrys did not have good security. Until this week. BlackBerry announced a partnership with Samsung on Thursday afternoon in order to boost mobile security for the South Korean based company. Samsung customers will have the option to use BB’s BES 12 mobile security service. This is a huge boost for Samsung users and BlackBerry as a company. On Thursday the 13th BlackBerry’s stock on NASDAQ went up a bit over 7%. BlackBerry is not only restructuring as a mobile phone company, but as a provider of internet security. So Samsung users don’t diss BlackBerry because BB provides your security. They have access to your documents, music, text messages, and even your pictures! Maybe if a Samsung user insults BB, John Chen would exploit their pictures. They’d end up on BlackBerry fan site CrackBerry, and all of their friends would know what they were looking at last night. The Samsung user would then have to travel to Waterloo, Ontario and beg for mercy upon his/her browser history.

As a BlackBerry addict, I’ve heard bad things from Samsung users about BlackBerry. If I hear you guys diss BB, you know what I’ll say…….

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