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In America, most people prefer to watch football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Everyone should at least follow up with one of these sports. Many Americans don’t like the game soccer, named as football everywhere else in the world except for Canada. The reason why I have a problem with the American soccer teams and league is because they say they dislike the rules of the game and the regulations. Some of the things hate are, that the field is too long, there are certain names to positions of players, players diving, faking penalties, it takes a while for a player to score, after three goals, there are no comebacks, and the list keeps on going.

Well, if you Americans have a problem with the game, then why do you even have a national team, the Major League Soccer, soccer teams in major cities, and why the hell is CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) headquartered in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. In my opinion, it should be headquartered in Costa Rica. I bet those who work there don’t want to do the stuff that they have to do, or Hispanics and Latinos work there, just saying, not trying to be racist.

Honestly, this makes no sense at all, and I should continue ranting about this. Your team is horrible, since you cannot win international competitions such as, the FIFA World Cup and Copa America (with CONMEBOL, the South American Confederation). Soccer is slowly getting popular in America because of migration of the Hispanics and Latinos from Mexico, Central and South America. The sport is really popular in those regions, why, you ask. Well the best players are from those regions. Good examples are: Lionel Messi, Neymar Santos, and Luis Suarez. The kids there are always watching them and want to be as good and successful like them one day.

I have nothing else to say, but to say that Americans, you must appreciate the game one day because Hispanics and Latinos are immigrating to U.S.A and it will be a popular sport. The game will be appreciated one day, try and prove me wrong, AMERICANS!

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