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By: Zak with a special thanks to Mark

If you use an Android or BlackBerry the odds are that you should be happy with your phone’s speed. Your phone’s chip is probably provided by Qualcomm. I use a BlackBerry Q10 and am quite happy with my phone’s speed. I can switch seamlessly between app to app. I’m very pleased to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip in my phone. The chip’s performance is spectacular. Lagging hardy occurs: Only if you run a lot of game applications (20 or more) at once, will it lag.

Let’s get to why zakopinion has chosen Qualcomm as our next stock pick. Qualcomm is priced pretty high at around the $70 range, however there is MONEY to be made off of it. Here are a few reasons as to why YOU should buy Qualcomm.

  1. Qualcomm is planning to sell chips for servers. This is amazing news. There is a lot of potential in this. Today, server chips are usually provided by Intel or AMD. If Qualcomm makes good, fast processers, the profits will be unimaginable. Also, the problem with Intel and AMD is that they make their products very expensive. In fact, around 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost of a server goes to the processor chip. This is very true especially with Intel. If Qualcomm makes a reliable, fast and relatively cheap processor chip, Intel and AMD will lose their buyers and Qualcomm will prosper.
  1. Qualcomm just made a new 4G modem, which is a CPU system. This new modem should be highly successful. This is because of the fact that Samsung and BlackBerry both use Qualcomm products. Samsung and BlackBerry should both be making new phones and tablets (Samsung) very soon, BlackBerry releasing their Classic in December. Both companies are expected to use Qualcomm’s new 4G modem. The way of the tech world these days is: Find the fastest and newest thing out there. With this new modem, Qualcomm is expecting very large profits.
  1. New York City just chose Qualcomm as one of the companies for its new Street Wifi System. This will provide absolutely MASSIVE profits for Qualcomm. In order for the Wifi to work well, endless numbers of servers and ports are needed. Qualcomm will provide all of these. The good news with this is that the government is paying for all this. Most likely, Qualcomm will ask for a high price and almost certainly, the government’s going to pay up. The government doesn’t have another choice because of the contract they signed. Also, it will cost the government a lot to get another provider, so basically, Qualcomm has secured the deal.
  1. Tech stocks are generally stable. This is because there is a huge market and demand for this currently. Many of the people in this generation want the newest and the fastest gadgets. With Qualcomm’s new processors and CPU’s they can make it a reality for the middle class. There are a lot of the middle class, and with Qualcomm’s new hardware, profits should be good. I think that also, the demand of technology itself is enough to keep Qualcomm going. As long as there is demand for this kind of need for development, Qualcomm will rise up to the challenge.


To sum it up, Qualcomm should start booming in a couple of months. They certainly are one of the biggest players in the chip market. Having contracts from huge corporations and governments, they’re poised to go up.

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