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The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. These are two iconic American muscle cars. You just can’t go talking about one of the cars without mentioning the other. In fact, this war started in 1966. 48 years later, no one has put an end to the war. Today we will be taking a look at the 2015 Mustang GT Track Pack and the 2015 Camaro SS. Both of these cars are the more hardcore versions of the vehicles.

The Mustang is fed by an amazing 435 horsepower, 5.0 liter V-8. This is both a classic and an amazing engine. The engine just pulls. This results in a 0-100km of 4.4 seconds. This ties the Camaro. However, as the quarter mile drag progresses, the Mustang starts to pull better and wins the drag race. The Camaro is let down by the engine. It makes “only” 420 horsepower. As for 100km-0 braking, the Camaro wins. However, that is only due to the tires. The Mustang has a street performance tire which the Camaro uses a sticky, extreme contact compound.

Let’s talk about the chassis, springs and shocks for just one second. These cars both have upgraded shocks, springs and stronger roll bars. This makes the cars feel more tied down and much more stable at high speeds. During corners, the Camaro is faster and slightly more controllable, however is due to the tire selections.

I would say that the performance for both cars is solid. What bothers me the most are the looks. Both cars have changed their looks. Both cars look like an Audi with a big body. The looks are just horrible. I mean… Why in the world would mustang make the tail-lights so ugly. The headlights are ok, but the tail lights are just horrible. The designer who came up with the tail-lights must have been on drugs or something. Everything else in the Mustang is fine. The front does look very aggressive, which is very good. The Camaro… is… different. The front looks so ugly. It looks as if a five year old got his hands on the design and scribbled all over it. It is have circular and squared off and just looks like crap. The rear end actually looks pretty nice. However, the Mustang wins in the looks category because the Camaro’s headlights just look like crap.

Overall, both cars can improve in looks. The engine of the Mustang is better. The straight line performance of the mustang is better. The braking and corner speed of the Camaro is better, however that is due to a sticker tire. If I had to choose a car to take home, my choice would be… MUSTANG!!!


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