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I know what all you viewers are thinking. “Why does Bossjamesinternational have to post about controversy that happened three years ago?” I am here to review and give my opinion about it. Just calm down, drink a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and relax.

This incident happened between Patrice Evra, formerly part of Manchester United, and Luis Suarez, formerly part of Liverpool F.C. While Suarez was on the field of the defensive side of Manchester United, he said n*gro, meaning black in Spanish. Evra heard Suarez say the word, and got into an argument with Suarez. The two went to the referee, and complained about the incident. The referee then told the two to stay away from each other for the rest of the game. After the match was over, the case was launched into investigation. Suarez claimed that he said the word a few times, during the game. He said that saying the word in Uruguay is fine and inoffensive towards the African-Uruguayans. He was not aware about the formality in Europe.

All this should probably refresh your memory of what happened three years ago, let’s get to my opinion. I think that Suarez should have done some research before joining a club in Europe. In Europe everything has to be perfect, if you look like a homeless person or have cultural or religious clothing on, you may be discriminated, sorry, I am not trying to offend you people. Honestly, Evra has lived in Europe for his whole life and this is what he gets back from his football life. To this day, Suarez still feels guilty for what happened and still hasn’t gotten over it. Come on Suarez, you are 27-year-old footballer, living in Barcelona with your wife and children. This was three years ago, get over with it. A fact I found about Luis Suarez is that he is one-quarter black and his grandmother called him, “mi n*grito”, time to time, including his grandfather. This means that perhaps Luis Suarez wasn’t aware of what he said to Evra was bad.

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