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Earlier this year, Russia enforced a no swearing law because the average Russian swears quite a bit in one day. This law also affects social media, social networking, the arts, television, etc. The swearing in these categories that I have just mentioned, must be censored. If you are caught swearing in public you could be charged 2500 Rubles ($73 USD) and businesses could be charged 50,000 Rubles ($1460 USD). Now Russia is spending thousands of rubles just to program a “swear-bot” just to track swearing online.

This is just a completely stupid law that Russia has to enforce. Do you know what this is going to do??? This is going to influence other Slavic states in Europe and former U.S.S.R. countries to do this. This law should be banned before or during 2015, this is because many Russians are trying not to swear, but at the same time, they are wasting money because they are caught swearing in public. This is a win-lose situation because only the government is getting the good of it because of the money coming in from citizens. Why the hell would you even waste thousands of rubles just to enforce a swear-bot. This really won’t change a thing, because people will just keep swearing over the internet.

I must agree that the Slavic culture is a bit aggressive. But this doesn’t mean you could attempt to block their way of life like this. This law was also enforced so they could protect the children, well that will not happen, the parents would just be swearing at home. Another way children will “discover” swearing is if years later they go to a part of the library no one really goes to and find old books and read the content in there and discover swear words.

I mean, the Russian government has already spent trillions of rubles just for the Sochi Olympics and this is the way they get that money back. This is not an effective way just to get that money back, this is wasting tax payers money. Well this would take less than a year just to get all the money back, at the same time, the tax payers would slowly get poor in the process. I just hope our Russian fans out there could spread the word about this to others.

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