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Ever since I was a kid, I felt myself very distanced from society. When I’d see people on Black Friday fighting for items that were on sale I’d be disappointed, in fact it would piss me off. However this Black Friday I joined the many people who I’ve referred to as “idiots” and “weirdos” on my quest to find a deal. I wouldn’t call lining up for an hour to buy a shirt and pants crazy, but when I preformed this action which I had ceased to do for such a long time, I felt myself become to feel as if I had become one of the “idiots.” I had been looking at this John Lennon inspired English Laundry shirt for the last week or so and was prepared to buy it for $125. However when going to the mall to pick up a new album I had pre-ordered, I decided to stroll around and see if the shirt was on sale. To my joy, the shirt was reduced to $55.99. While on the way to check out, a pair of Calvin Klein pants caught my eye. These were originally $90 reduced to $29.99. Armed with my two beautiful finds, I lined up for an hour at the cashier. On the way home I swear I could’ve jumped for joy. I took a picture of my deals and uploaded it to Facebook. Why would I do this? To be honest, I’m still struggling to answer the question. And that brings the story to myself sitting down and typing up this tale of self distrust. A few months ago, even a week ago I could not imagine myself joining the type of people I despised. While 20% of me is upset of what I did, the 80% percent is laughing away and is pleased at my savings. I was going to buy the shirt anyways for $125. It was a true relief that I got it for $55.99. Morale: don’t hate yourself for saving you 69.01 (taxes not included) even if it is against your principles and beliefs.

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