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In this article, I will be talking about what led to Rob Ford’s downfall and what the people and media thought of Rob Ford. I will be highlighting what actions made him crack and get out of the “door. The first reason for Rob’s downfall was because of a Toronto Star report. On Friday May 17th, 2013, the Toronto Star had a report on the front page of their newspaper. It read “Ford in ‘Crack Video’ Scandal.” What soon ensued after the story broke was, and still is, perhaps one of the most controversial topics in Canadian politics. The social media absolutely exploded. People all over were responding to this story on social media. Many people were in shock and in awe at the report. Let’s go back here one minute. There was a picture of Rob Ford and drug dealers together, however, that doesn’t prove anything. How can you just say that someone does drugs because they took a picture with a drug dealer? It’s like saying that a person gave birth to a baby just because they took a picture with the baby. There is absolutely no logic in what the Toronto Star suggested. This created a huge fuss. All the reporters from news channels were crowding around Rob Ford’s office waiting for him to announce the truth to the public. This is outrageous. I mean… This is just a guy. He makes mistakes just like you and I. Why should what he does in his personal time affect his political career? After saving tax payers one billion dollars, after Rob Ford cut the stupid land transfer tax by half, after he privatized garbage collection and much more, why would you just do that to Rob Ford because he made one simple mistake? Imagine that you were Rob Ford. How would you feel? Rob Ford was almost targeted by the Toronto Star. I say this because the picture might not even be real. The entire story could be phony, and yet, the Toronto Star still does a report on it-ON THE FRONT PAGE. Where in the world have you seen a news report where a story that is still up in the air goes in the front page? The editor or the publisher must have been mad or something. The entire reason why the downfall of Rob Ford happened was because of this stupid report. The Toronto Star is biased. I am telling you right now: They are biased. The crack story does not end here. On November 5th, 2013, Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine. When later asked why he did not admit to smoking crack cocaine the first time, he said the reporters “didn’t ask the right questions.” The reports were actually very clear. They asked Rob Ford if he smoked crack cocaine. Later, Rob said that he was embarrassed and ashamed of his actions. I totally understand Rob Ford’s decision on this one. I think the pressure of media and the pressure of being a mayor in a big city like Toronto really put a lot of stress on Rob Ford. The media should stop harassing politicians. Politicians should be treated as managers, not movie stars. In the case of Rob Ford, that clearly wasn’t the case. The second thing that led to Rob Ford’s downfall was the fact that he kept on denying that he smoked crack but later admitted to it. I totally understand why Rob would do that. At first, he must have been so overwhelmed by the stupid media attention to think straight… so he lied. Then, he couldn’t take the heat of the media anymore… so he told the citizens of Toronto the truth. That was a major error. Doing this made the citizens of Toronto not trust Rob Ford. I think that Rob Ford panicked here and made a horrible decision. What Rob Ford should have done is admit that he has a drinking/drug issue. Then, he should have gone to rehab. This leads me to my next point- rehab. When Rob Ford announced that he would go to rehab in Chicago, many citizens of Toronto began to have faith again. However, just as the good things start, disaster strikes. When Rob Ford arrived in Chicago, he was forced to go back to Canada for unknown reasons. This forced Rob Ford to take rehab in Muskoka. I personally thought that this was a great decision- you came here to fight for something that has great importance and you don’t stop. However, he never announced that he was rejected in Chicago and lied about rehab for a while. In other words, he still pretended that he was in Chicago. Many people thought that he wasn’t in any kind of rehab which made many people mad. He should have just been up-front with us Torontonians. To make matters worse, he was spotted in a Muskoka dry cleaner when he said he was in Chicago. Rob Ford pretty much screwed himself up here. He lost over half of the trust from Torontonians. This combined with the crack incident really affected Rob Ford’s reputation as mayor. As you may already know, reputation in politics is everything. I think that after this incident, not many people took him seriously. After lying to the public 2 times, not many people could trust him. Next, was the international media and Jimmy Kimmel’s interview that affected Rob Ford. Places as far as China and Europe had news cast reports of Rob Ford. This was a HUGE smack in the face to Rob Ford. The situation in Toronto was already bad enough. With all the new international broadcasting pressure, Rob was overwhelmed. The world knew of him as the “Drunken Mayor” or the “Crack Mayor” and thought of Rob Ford as a joke. This is crazy; hell broke loose. Now, we shall talk about Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Rob Ford. Personally, I think that Jimmy Kimmel was trying to humiliate Rob Ford in every way possible. He first introduced Mayor Ford by saying that he stumbled, drunken and smoked his way here etc… which was just very unprofessional. On top of that, all that Jimmy Kimmel said of Rob Ford was negative. He asked if Rob Ford was homophobic because he didn’t attend in pride Toronto and much more. Of course Rob Ford isn’t homophobic; he attended every other previous pride parade and just had a little family issue the last time. Poor Rob, Jimmy Kimmel thinks everything is a joke. Jimmy Kimmel- know your stuff bro. Know when to stop. Politics is a personal matter. I think Rob Ford thought that the Jimmy Kimmel interview would play out well, however it didn’t. After that, a picture of Rob Ford holding a crack pipe while he was at his sister’s house surfaced. It was actually a video; however, the video couldn’t be released. After this incident, things became even worse. The media was crazy. Everyone lost hope in Rob Ford. Whatever amount of hope they still had left The next big blow was the police involvement. Rob Ford is friends with Sandro Lisi. Sandro Lisi is also Rob Ford’s occasional driver. Sandro Lisi and Rob Ford were seen at many places such as convince stores together. Sandro Lisi was seen handing white substances to Rob Ford. It was believed to be narcotics. They were seen, on many occasions, together. This made the public think that Rob Ford had connections to drugs. The big problem here is that this made the public think that Rob Ford has a serious problem and was not honest about his problems in the beginning. This resulted in the public’s disapproval of Mayor Rob Ford. Last but not least, were the council votes. The Ford brothers seemed to have changed in their last council meetings. They stood alone. All the other councilors would pass a bill while the Fords would just say “no.” It seemed as if they had gone mad. Perhaps it was physiological. This certainly sparked up an argument in city hall. People said that the Fords “didn’t care anymore.” I think this really just finished Rob Ford off. One of the most important things that you have to have in politics is a good attitude, which Rob Ford seemed to have lost by then. I do realize how hard it was for Rob Ford to be mayor of Toronto. I know he has a huge weight on his shoulders. However, I think that he still should have gone about business is a more central and professional way. After saying all this, I should perhaps ask you one question: Do you thing, that one of Rob Ford’s personal problems, should affect his political career? After all he had done for us (decreasing the land transfer tax, saving money by privatizing garbage, building good infrastructure and saving the taxpayers over $1,000,000,000), do you think he deserves to have his political career derailed, just because of one mistake that he already has put behind? I say no. I think that Rob Ford is one of best mayors that Toronto has ever seen. The 2018 Elections are gonna be fun. Until then, we’ll be enduring the wrath of John Tory. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zakopinion/273580552796063?ref=hl YouTube channel: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCmgN4lpPA0wORouqMyESeHg © Zakyr Rhemtulla and zakopinion, 2013-2014. 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